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7 April

MIGS' Statement on 20th Anniversary of Rwanda Genocide


In 1948, the world came together and said “never again” to the horrors of the Holocaust. Yet 20 years ago today, the international community turned away as 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutu were killed within 100 days. Today the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies at Concordia University stands with the people of Rwanda to remember those who lost their lives and support the survivors of this tragedy.


As we mark this sad anniversary, it is also our duty to reflect on lessons learned. The Rwandan genocide did not come out of nowhere – it was well planned and there were countless opportunities to prevent and stop it. Nobody can say we did not know. We did not act. As the on-going massacres in Syria, South Sudan and the Central African Republic prove, we still fail to act on the lessons of the Rwandan genocide and the other genocides of the past one hundred years. Generating the political will to prevent mass atrocities remains one of the central challenges today. But preventing genocide and mass atrocities is a collective responsibility.


And so, as we pay tribute to the victims and survivors of the genocide, we must renew our commitment. In 2005, the 192 governments of the United Nations renewed their commitment to the “responsibility to protect.” Canadian diplomats led the international community in mobilizing support for this emerging doctrine that seeks to break the cycle of choosing to look the other way when mass atrocities occur. Today, instead of standing on the sidelines, we urge the Prime Minister of Canada to enlarge this tradition by making mass atrocity prevention—the prevention of genocide, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing, in particular—a national security priority and a vital part of Canada’s foreign policy.


As retired Lieutenant-General and Senator Roméo Dallaire declares: “Where there is a will, there is a way. Let’s go!”


For further information please contact Frank Chalk at 514 983 95 9533), Kyle Matthews at 515 975 8160, or Marie Lamensch at 514 795 1284.

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3 April

Kyle Matthews speaks about the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon,CBC Homerun.

23 March

"The Very Real Prospect of Genocide in Burma" - Roméo Dallaire, The Global Brief.

22 March

"Birmanie: les Rohingya ont le droit à notre attention" - Marie Lamensch, Huffington Post Quebec

21 March

"Concordia's genocide research a force in Ottawa" - Concordia University Alumni

"Dallaire: Canada must act in Central African Republic to avoid another Rwanda" -

17 March

MIGS conducted an interview with Peter Bouckaert, Human Right Watch's emergencies director, on mobilizing social media for Human Rights and action in the Central African Republic. Read the interview on


Frank Chalk participated in a BBC 4 Radio Broadcast on the work of historian Norman Cohn

10 March

MIGS quoted in an article titled “What we can learn from child soldiers” on and Radio Netherland Worldwide

18 February

MIGS launched the world's first"Humanitarian Twitterati"

12 February

The Central African Republic is Africa’s newest Rwanda”, Kyle Matthews,

5 February

Kyle Matthews published an op-ed on titled “The world is letting down Syria’s children”.

3 February

MIGS and Kyle Matthews made it on the 2014 CIC's Twitterati, an annual list of who's driving the Canadian foreign policy conversation on Twitter.

22 January

MIGS Press release: "Marking the Twenty Years since General Dallaire's Genocide Fax"

“Letter: The Rwandan Genocide”: Linda Melvern and Gregory Stanton reply to Michael Dobbs’s op-ed “Rwanda’s Shrouded Nightmare”, New York Times. MIGS’ director Frank Chalk signed the letter as well.

The full letter with the signatures is available here.

17 January

Senior deputy director Kyle Matthews has written an op-ed on Raoul Wallensberg's legacy titled Raoul Wallenberg: A humanitarian hero we must never forget,

MIGS’s Distinguished Senior Fellow Lt-Gen Roméo Dallaire was mentioned in the New York Times in article titled “In South Sudan, Some Lessons of Rwanda Learned, Others Revisited” and in the United Press International,  “Child soldiers a warning sign for possible genocide”

15 January

MIGS’ Distinguished Senior Fellow Roméo Dallaire spoke to Radio-Canada at 8h20 on the commemoration of the Rwandan Genocide:  "20e anniversaire du génocide au Rwanda : Entrevue avec Roméo Dallaire"

UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson and Lt. Gen. The Hon. Roméo Dallaire participated in a panel discussion titled “Genocide: A Preventable Crime”

14 January 2014

Audio and Video of special event on “Understanding early warning of mass atrocities twenty years after the genocide in Rwanda – Press Conference” with MIGS' Distinguished Senior Fellow Sen. Roméo Dallaire. A summary Press Conference on Upcoming Event to Commemorate Rwanda Genocide is also available here.

10 January

Our colleague Simon Adams at the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect wrote an “Open Letter to All UN Member States Re: the 'Genocide Fax' and the 20th Commemoration of the Rwandan Genocide of 1994.” Read it here.

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