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August 22

Kyle Matthews: Carving out a Caliphate - CTV National News

Kyle Matthews: Digging for Truth in Guatemala Canadian International Council

August 21

Kyle Matthews sat down with Mutsumi Takahashi at CTV Montreal to discuss the rise of the Islamic State.

August 12

Kyle Matthews discusses the situation in Iraq and threats posed by ISIS - Global TV Montreal.

August 11

Transatlantic Dialog on R2P: Kyle Matthews on "R2P in Libya, why not Syria"

August 8

Video: Highlights of MIGS' Professional Training Program on the Prevention of Mass Atrocities. Watch it here.

July 5

MIGS' interview with Andrei Serbin Pont, International analyst and Research Coordinator at CRIES.

July 4

Kyle Matthews participated in the Transatlantic Dialogue on the Responsibility to Protect, an initiative co-organized by MIGS and the Hague Institute for Global Justice. Read this short report.

MIGS published a video of Roméo Dallaire's presentation at the Professional Training Program on the Prevention of Mass Atrocities. Watch it here.

MIGS gratefully acknowledges the support of : Concordia University, Mr James Stanford, The Simons Foundation, The Dym Family Foundation, Mr Bram Steinberg, the Tauben Foundation, Ms Annie Tobias



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With funding from the Swedish Institute (Svenska Institutet), MIGS is organizing a series of events to increase awareness among youth and the general public about the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who is accredited with rescuing the lives of up to one hundred thousand Jews during the Second World War in Budapest, Hungary. If this is of further interest to you, your organization or institute, please visit the project's website.


As Canada’s leading research and advocacy Institute for genocide and mass atrocity crimes prevention, the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS) conducts in-depth scholarly research and proposes concrete policy recommendations to resolve conflicts before they degenerate into mass atrocity crimes. MIGS has achieved national and international recognition for its national interest approach to the prevention of genocide and mass atrocity crimes from policymakers, academics, leading research institutes, and the media. Today, MIGS is Canada’s leading voice and international partner on Responsibility to Protect issues.

MIGS’ Mission

  • Develop major research programs focusing on the prevention and punishment of genocide and other mass atrocity crimes.
  • Collect and disseminate research results to specialist professionals and to the wider public.
  • Create and advocate for innovative public policies to prevent future mass atrocities.
  • Educate students, academics, journalists, government officials, civil society groups, and the wider public on threats to the national interest arising from genocide and mass atrocity crimes.
  • Provide  professional training and build mass atrocity awareness and prevention capacity of international and national leaders in key fields
  • Develop and foster fruitful relationships and networks at the local, national and international levels by working in collaboration with leading organisations, institutions and research institutes.


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We are often able to use additional interns as new projects develop and as the Media Monitoring and the Will to Intervene Projects evolve. If you would like to intern, please send your c.v., a cover letter and a writing sample to Marie Lamensch at: migs@concordia.ca

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