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Memoir: Dreaming and Survival


























Volume 15f

Andrew Savin

Dreaming and Survival

published by the
Concordia University Chair in Canadian Jewish Studies
Copyright Andrew Savin, 2001


Key Words

Gheorgheni, Transylvania; Betar: youth movement of the Revisionist Zionists; Garany: Hungarian camp for political prisoners; Szasaregen Ghetto, Transylvania;
Auschwitz; "Canada" and "Canadians:" Terms used in concentration camps to denote abundance; Buchenwald; Bochum: Camp in Ruhr region; Otto Bauer: German political prisoner, leader of underground organization in camp; Eisenhower: Speech to liberated camp inmates; Cluj: Rumanian town; Brasov: Rumanian town; H.I.A.S: Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.


Describes family life from age 13 in 1936, in small town in Transylvania. Prior to the war he and sister are arrested as political radicals and imprisoned by the Hungarian authorities. With the outbreak of the war he is deported to Auschwitz. Description of selection procedures. Transported to Buchenwald where he is imprisoned until liberation by the American army. Relates how Americans forced the local Germans to view the camp. Detailed description of the role of the political prisoners in camp management in Buchenwald and the organization of resistance within the camp. Speaks of being part of a group which offered mutual aid and contributed to survival. Worked in group that defused live bombs from Allied air-raids. Describes the liberation of Buchenwald and witnesses speech by Eisenhower to assembled inmates. Post-war activities in the Labour Party (Communist?) and the organization of Jewish youth group. In 1948, marries, has child, later divorced. Works as mechanical engineer. Family life and career development in post-war period. Escape to Vienna, stay for 5 months before proceeding to Canada where his sister lived. Arrives in Canada on April 7, 1970. Attends the 50th anniversary of liberation in Buchenwald. Retired, age 68, spends part of year in Florida.
Manuscript includes genealogical table and list of deceased and living family members.

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