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Helen Rodak-Izso

The Last Chance to Remember



Chapter 25. CESKY TESIN

The town was decorated with the Czechoslovak colours. There were flags everywhere! Our heart was full. There are no adequate words to describe those moments. As far as the eyes could see the buildings, the balconies, the lamp posts were draped in the sea of national colours. When a slight breeze would move all those colourful decorations, the sight was breathtaking.

This was the first picture which captured our heart at our arrival, home. We were welcomed with the gentle help of the local people. We were given home-baked bread with fresh butter and it was handed to us, not thrown. This was the other beauty in our long awaited, long expected, finally achieved, memorable day.

Yes, wherever we looked reassured us, that yes we are free at last and free in our country. After 12 long, long months full of hatred around us day and night, without a single move or word towards us, without rude and cruel yelling, insulting us in every way, at long last, we are at home. The next thing was to wait for our train towards Slovakia. The train finally arrived and we climbed in.

Soon it started to move and we watched with silent and mute feelings as we travelled past the familiar route. By the time we reached Bratislava, capital city of Slovakia, the train was packed. It was impossible to move or to get out. Originally we had planned to change trains here for an Eastbound train, but we found out in time that the bridges were blown up and nothing was repaired yet. It was too soon after the horrible war!

We had no other choice, than to stay in our place. The train started to move towards Budapest, capital city of Hungary, but here still more people climbed in through the window and found their place on the floor or on the luggage shelves or anywhere, just to be inside of a train which moved. And now we are travelling and are on our way to Budapest.

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