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Helen Rodak-Izso

The Last Chance to Remember



Chapter 11. LATRINE

Among the most bitter and trying memories is the latrine which was built especially for us. Designed to humiliate us always deeper and to the bottom. This dreaded place was guarded always so it was a total embarrassment and unspeakably sickening. My dear mother who suffered from these problems at home too, of course, couldn't adapt herself and became ill. It was in the open, with the guards standing there all the time with their rifle ready to use. We often thought that we couldn't take it any longer, but this was not the time or place to think or put up questions. To whom would we complain? We just went on, most of the time we didn't even know how? This was a period surpassing even the most fantastic imagination. To show the real situation is impossible. It was like a preparatory course for something even much more harsh to come, or, an overture to a real drama.

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