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How did we, a handful of us, survive those Nazi horrors? It was not only because of our stamina and will to live; not only because of our stubbornness in insisting on surviving as a Jew, despite the degradation of our bodies and soul; some of us HAD TO survive to tell our long suffering story.

We were inadvertently saved by some Nazi cowards who wanted to save their own skin. During the last few months they kept us in concentration camps where no useful work was being carried out. They led prisoners in death marches that served no purpose, and by the time they looked around, the Russians from the east and the Allies from the west closed in on them. They were looking for civilian clothes, so they could hide their identities.

Some of them were caught and dealt with accordingly. Some big shots were tried and sentenced, but many of them are still at large, hiding out in other countries.

It should serve as a lesson to any perpetrators of genocide that you cannot succeed. In the end there is always a stronger force watching evil, and justice prevails for the righteous.

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