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Volume 15b

Hyman Gutman

What I remember as a Survivor

published by the
Concordia University Chair in Canadian Jewish Studies

Copyright Hyman Gutman, 2001

In memory of my lost family during the Holocaust.
For my son Aron, daughter-in-law Bobbi, and
granddaughters Shana and Raila, to learn about my past.

Key Words

Radom, Poland; Otrowiec, Poland; Hashomer Hatzair; Left Poalei Zion; Radom Ghetto; Szkolna, munitions plant; Hessenthal concentration camp; Dr. Mengele; Tomaszow-Mazowieck (Tomoshoov-Mazovietzk); Vaihingen-Enz concentration camp; Feldafing, Displaced Persons camp; Allach-Dachau camp; Mittenwald; H. Leivik, Yiddish poet; J.I.A.S.; Montreal, Canada; Holocaust Remembrance Committee.Key Words


Narrative begins with a detailed family history, including their customs and religious practices. Joins the Zionist youth movement, Hashomer Hatzair, and participates in their activities. Is apprenticed to tailor. Describes the effects of the world-wide Depression. At the outbreak of the war and the German occupation of Radom, Judenrat and Jewish police forces are set up. He and his brother work for SS as tailor and carpenter. Describes work conditions and relations with SS. Eight days march to Tomaszow-Mazowieck. Transported to Auschwitz. Shipped to Vaihingen-Enz, a German concentration camp, near Stuttgart. Later sent to Hessenthal where he worked building airplane runways. Evacuated to Allach-Dachau. Liberated on April 30, 1945 and came to Feldafing, a displaced persons camp. Together with brother decides to join the Bricha organized to bring survivors to Palestine. Travels to Italy but decides to return to his family in D.P. camp in Mittenwald. Tells of his marriage and family. Decides to emigrate to Canada, and arrives at Halifax in 1948. Circumstances of new immigrants in Montreal. Participates in Radomer Society, a mutual-aid organization consisting of former residents of Radom. Attends college courses and participates in the planning for the Annual Holocaust Remembrance evening.

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