Senator Roméo Dallaire Partners With Concordia

MONTREAL/September 8, 2006 —

Concordia is proud to welcome Lieutenant-General the Honourable Romeo Dallaire, Senator, to his new role of Senior Fellow at the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS), a research centre based at the university’s Faculty of Arts & Science. Senator Dallaire will be joined by Major Brent Beardsley, whom MIGS has appointed a Research Associate.

Senator Dallaire comes to Concordia with two missions: for MIGS expert assistance about genocide studies in his work with the United Nations Advisory Committee on Genocide Prevention and to share his knowledge and experience combating genocide with the Concordia population.To that end, Senator Dallaire and his Liaison Officer, Anemone Fritzen, will have their own office at the university with two research assistants working under them and MIGS Director Prof. Frank Chalk. Senator Dallaire will present Concordia public lectures and workshops among his contributions to the work of MIGS.

Senator Dallaire’s work with MIGS is supported in part by grants from the Simons Foundation and the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs.“Romeo Dallaire brings to our work in genocide studies a wealth of experience blended with his own passionate commitment to preventing genocide and crimes against humanity,” said Dr. Frank Chalk, Director of MIGS. “Faculty and students working with MIGS are looking forward to helping him fulfill his international mission. This is a partnership with huge potential.”

Senator Dallaire is especially preoccupied with the Darfur situation in Sudan, and will focus much of his initial research on this present- day crisis rife with crimes against humanity verging on genocide. Declared Senator Dallaire: “Darfur needs an outright United Nations/African Union intervention. When I compare it to Rwanda, there are so many similarities it makes me sick. Sudan is getting away with inflicting massive casualties.The fundamental parallel with Rwanda in 1994 is that Khartoum is calling the Western world’s bluff.”

At today’s press conference Senator Dallaire and Dr. Chalk reported the results of a just completed research project conducted by Dr. Chalk and Danielle Kelton into the representation of the Darfur situation by Government of Sudan broadcasting outlets. This investigation shows that Sudanese media is highly controlled by the state and that reporting of the mass atrocity crimes in Darfur by Government-controleld broadcasters is manipulative, incomplete and incorrect, providing strong indications that the Sudanese Government has no intention of implementing its signed peace accords on Darfur and southern Sudan. As well, Dr. Chalk and his team are spearheading the Montreal Rally for Darfur on September 17, 2006, one of several rallies planned around the world for the Global Day of Darfur. The rally is timed to coincide with the opening of the 61st General Assembly of the United Nations with the demand that a robust United Nations/African Union peacekeeping force be immediately deployed to the Darfur region.

Senator Dallaire came to prominence for his role as Commander of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda. His troubling experiences there have influenced his life and career choices since then, including the decision to write his award-winning account of the Rwanda genocide, Shake Hands with the Devil- the Failure of Humanity in Rwanda.

Major Brent Beardsley is a graduate of Concordia University, and served as Lt.-Gen Dallaire’s Executive Assistant in Rwanda. He is also the co-author of the best-selling memoir Shake Hands with the Devil- the Failure of Humanity in Rwanda.

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