Rupert Bazambanza is an illustrator, activist, and survivor of the April 1994 genocide in
Rwanda. Born in 1975, Rupert emigrated to Montréal, Canada in 1997 where he received his
training at the International Academy of Design. He depicts the genocide in his comic book novel,
Smile Through the Tears, published in 2004. Today, he battles genocide and crimes
against humanity in all their forms through his caricatures and cartoons. As well, he is available to give lectures featuring his work before conferences, meetings of high school and university classes, and community groups with the goal of educating, encouraging tolerance and fighting against discrimination.

To view Rupert Bazambanza's cartoons, please CLICK HERE

You can contact Rupert Bazambanza directly to invite him to 1) make a presentation before your group or class, or 2) to order a copy of Smile Through the Tears (in English or French) by emailing him at:



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